Ride Guide

Welcome aboard! We are happy to serve you. We can accommodate passengers of all ages, all backgrounds, and we have the necessary equipment to accommodate anyone with a special need.         

We transport a large number of passengers every day. Due to our high-volume ridership, individuals should try to schedule all of their errands on the same day. Under the best circumstances, passengers should only make reservations up to two times per week. This will allow us to serve as many people in the Southeast as possible.

Passenger safety is one of our primary concerns. In order for us to best serve you and provide safety to all passengers, we have established the following guidelines:

Hours of Operation

SETHRA transit operates Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. Buses do not operate on Saturdays, Sundays, New Year’s Day, MLK Holiday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas Day.

Service Hours: 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. Local Time
Office Hours: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Local Time

In County $1.00 per stop
To Neighboring Counties $3.00 each way
Each Way To Chattanooga $5.00 each way

Reservations for transportation to Chattanooga are scheduled 72 hours in advance. In order to operate an efficient system and get all passengers to their destinations in a timely manner it is sometimes necessary to group passenger’s pick-up times by location. If this is necessary you will be informed.

Also, in order for us to operate the most efficient system possible we ask that you cancel your reservation as far in advance as possible if our services are not needed.

Please be ready 1 hour prior to your scheduled pick-up time in case the driver is ahead of schedule. The driver is allowed to wait for 5 minutes only at pick-up locations before proceeding to their next destination.      

Service Area

Visit the Service Area page for counties serviced and deviated fixed-routes.

Safety and Passenger Conduct

SETHRA transit is committed to providing a safe ride for every passenger. This requires some cooperation from you, the passenger. SETHRA utilizes seatbelts, wheelchair tie downs and child restraint seats that are supplied by the passenger. All passengers are required to remain seated while the van is in motion.

Seat belt use is recommended and SETHRA is not responsible for people injured while not wearing their seat belt. In case of an emergency, stay calm, listen to and follow the instructions of the driver, make an orderly evacuation of the vehicle if warranted, stay off the roadway in a safe location, do not smoke anywhere near the vehicle and call for emergency help if the driver is unable to do so. Each vehicle has safety equipment on board which is inspected daily.

In order to make our passengers' experience with us as pleasant as possible we ask that you be courteous and considerate of others at all times. Please remember that the driver is responsible for the vehicle and passengers and all instructions from the driver are to be followed. Passengers conducting themselves in an inappropriate manner or failing to comply with passenger’s policies will be denied service. Inappropriate behaviors include: eating, drinking, using tobacco products on the van, foul or offensive language, lack of personal hygiene, bothering other passengers, horseplay, fighting, carrying weapons, possessing illegal drugs or having open containers of alcohol on the van.

All passengers are asked to buckle their seatbelt for safety reasons. All passengers are expected to abide by the fare policy. All packages, parcels and personal items are the responsibility of the passenger. SETHRA will not be responsible for items left on the van. SETHRA will not provide mobility aids. All passengers must provide their own mobility aids. If you are transporting children you will be required to provide your own child restraint seat.

Rider Eligibility Requirements

All persons will be considered without regard to race, color, sex, age, religion or disability which can be reasonably accommodated.

A companion/escort is required for riders under 13 years of age and is permissible for any other rider needing any additional assistance. A personal care attendant that is required for the health of the rider or an escort shall not be charged a fare.

Passenger Assistance

SETHRA transit operates a curb-to-curb service. This means that we will pick you up at your driveway and drop you off at the driveway or parking lot of your destination. The driver will assist you on and off the van if necessary. Drivers are not allowed to enter a passenger’s home for any reason.

Children will not be transported without a responsible adult escort which the passenger must provide. SETHRA does not supply escorts. Only one escort per passenger is allowed. We make every effort to be ADA compliant by attempting to accommodate all mobility aids in common use.

Lift-equipped vans are available. If you require a lift-equiped van, please advise us when you make your reservation.